Thursday, November 6, 2014

Le Grand Continental: Rehearsal 2

So things definitely went better last night for me in the second of Group A's rehearsals for Le Grand Continental. Watching the videos and getting a bit of practice in the basement in beforehand definitely helped.

Of course, as I surmised from the videos, Sylvain was not done with us in terms of adding elements to this India section, and I've now got some added homework to do--especially in terms of nailing that one catch-step that falls on the "and" between counts in the second of the grape-viney phrases. (That's not the right term for this particular movement, but I can't remember what Sylvain--who has a wonderfully accessible and entertainingly descriptive way of labeling steps and transitions--called it.)

Sylvain also let us in on where Groups A and B cross and combine in this section, which explains why we rehearse separately in these first sessions, before coming together as one large group a week from Saturday. I frankly don't know how we're all going to fit in the Ukrainian Hall on East 10th, which is already quite full just with Group A.

Last night was much more fun than Monday: I was feeling slightly less depressed; felt more comfortable and confident in my body; and enjoyed getting to know more of my fellow dancers.

Till next week.


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