Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Relief x 2

So I didn't throw up yesterday evening during the premiere of my monologue at the Solo Flights Emerging Playwrights showcase. In fact, no one did. Which I take as a sign that it wasn't complete shite. Actually, I had some very nice words of congratulation and encouragement--some from people I didn't even know! Of course, Kerry did an amazing job, and now I'm cursed for ever conceiving of anyone else in the role. Not that the piece is likely to be reprised anytime soon...

And who would have thought that coincident with my tiny performance feat last night on Granville Island Alison Redford would be weaving her own magic trick by snatching victory from what just about every poll and political pundit had predicted was almost certain defeat in Alberta's provincial election? Indeed, who would have thought that progressive types inside and outside the province would be hailing yet another Conservative majority? Almost certainly we have to thank the legions of undecided voters who were alienated by some of the homophobic and racist comments made by Wildrose candidates in the last weeks of the election, as well as the traditional left-leaning voters who likely held their noses in strategically deciding to transfer their allegiance to Redford and her party from the Liberals and the NDP in order to stop the Danielle Smith juggernaut. Strange political times, to be sure. But this election almost surely holds some cautionary lessons for BC (facing a provincial election next year, and with a new Conservative party on the ascendant in chasing the right wing vote), as well as Canada as a whole (is there any way to stop Harper other than with a Liberal-NDP merger?).

For now, I suppose, we take our relief wherever, and in whatever form, we can get it.


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