Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Old news, I know, but I'm catching up on my local arts news re-blogging after a week hosting an out of town guest.

To wit: Marsha Lederman's piece in the weekend Globe on the latest lines in the sand being drawn over the will-it or won't-it relocation of the Vancouver Art Gallery.

We're now officially in the territory of farce, are we not? The more pertinent question, however, is why are these discussions all taking place (or not) over canapés and drinks at in-crowd soirées? Where is the city on this, and why is the public being squeezed out of any say on the future of a downtown cultural precinct?

With the downtown Canada Post building now officially for sale, these questions are more pressing than ever. Whether the VAG moves or not, someone should step up and show some dignified leadership.


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