Saturday, June 29, 2013

PSi 19 Day 4

Best day yet!

Not only did our panel totally rock, with MJ Thompson, Alana Gerecke and myself eliciting some great discussion from our audience on the "now and then" of dance, but Peggy Phelan was one of our most generous interlocutors!

What's more, Phelan went on to reference some of the discussion in our panel in her own subsequent plenary dialogue with Una Chaudhuri on the expanded temporalities of both climate change and performance studies. And their dialogue was certainly the most conversational of the three.

Top all that off with a once-in-a-lifetime workshop and planetary dance with the 93-year-old Anna Halprin, followed by a great tapas dinner in town with Alana, MJ and her husband, Mark Sussman, and you have just some of the reasons behind my opening exclamation.


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