Monday, August 19, 2013

John Greyson and Tarek Loubani Arrested in Egypt

Canadian Government: Help Free Tarek and John

So events in Egypt just got a whole lot more personal with news this past weekend that friend, filmmaker and York University professor John Greyson (right, above) had been arrested in Cairo along with Dr. Tarek Loubani, a medical doctor from London, Ontario. The two men had been en route to Gaza, where Dr. Loubani regularly travels to train physicians in cardiac and trauma support as part of an initiative sponsored by the University of Western Ontario; Greyson was accompanying him in connection with a possible documentary project about the al-Shifa hospital in the region. For the latest developments in the case, see the following Globe article.

There is no indication yet why the two men have been detained, although they have been in touch with family and Canadian consular officials and have stated that they are both being well-treated. Still, our government must do everything in its power to secure their immediate and safe release. An on-line petition urging just this has so far collected more than 5,000 virtual signatures. Consider adding yours here.

Also, use social media to write/prompt Stephen Harper and John Baird, and to keep the pressure on both the Canadian Embassy in Cairo and the Egyptian Embassy in Ottawa. Here are the relevant contact details:

John Baird – Minister of Foreign Affairs Canada
Twitter: John Baird @honjohnbaird
Twitter: Department of Foreign Affairs Canada @DFATDCanada

Stephen Harper – Prime Minister of Canada

Canadian Embassy in Egypt:

Egyptian Embassy, Ottawa, Canada


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