Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Mountain View Solstice Dancers: Rehearsal 5

Last night, despite being told the pace of learning new material would hereafter be speeding up, we mostly spent reviewing. Fair enough: there were a lot of people absent last week. And I myself didn't have a chance to review the videos sent by Jessica and Hayley--so I wasn't complaining.

Jessica did also set for us the facing for the last movement phrase from the beginning of the Part piece, which serves in to our transition to the waltz procession that we started with several weeks ago. Here, we were also more or less definitively paired up, and it just worked out that Suzie will be my partner. This is fantastic, because we have an easy camaraderie, she's super fun and funny, and she laughs sympathetically rather than mockingly at my general cluelessness. Plus she has a lovely Irish accent.

Musn't get too attached, though. During Le Grand Continental rehearsals there was a lot of shifting of positions before the actual performances. In our case, that's only nine weeks away.

Here's hoping it gets warmer and lighter soon so that we can move outside.


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