Friday, June 19, 2015

Mountain View Solstice Dancers: Rehearsal 14

Just a quick post about our final rehearsal last night. This was an extra one, so not everyone could be there. Plus it was raining, so we had to work without the musicians inside Celebration Hall for most of our time together. That work was mostly devoted to refining movement details and quality, as well as timing, on the second "New Friends" sequence. This was very useful as I discovered there were a number of things I was doing wrong--including moving the wrong way during the final crouch bit. Speaking of moving the wrong way, I have to remember that the first "down-up-down-up" step sequence following from this crouch goes out instead of in. Otherwise I'll be doing my own solo on Sunday.

Before we broke for the evening, we did run the whole piece outside. It was only misting by then, so it wasn't too uncomfortable. And while our timing was off a bit in "Spiegel," and our lines were rather wonky during "Open Up Your Heart," we did get through everything in pretty polished fashion.

Now we just have to maintain our energy and edge for performance day on Sunday.


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