Thursday, February 4, 2016

Vancouver Dance History (2006-2016): Post 4

Our meeting yesterday, which I had to duck out of early, was mostly an excited debrief from last week's interview with Rob. It's amazing how this one conversation has already sparked so many ideas for possible performance elements, including what choreographic objects and material ephemera from recent Vancouver dance history we may have with us on stage (e.g. that mysterious other half of Monumental's original cut-up scrim). Also on the table: a live feed and/or recorded video of recreated backstage moments (which has, of course, instantly become another required interview question, along with "Where did you first show work?," and, devilishly from Alexa, "Who made you want to quit dancing?").

Justine also suggested that we begin tracking from this moment forward our own ongoing daily movements with and through the dance community, from the coffee with person X, or the lobby conversation with person Y, or the class with person Z. This will then provide a temporal and experiential anchor in the present for our historical recovery of the city's recent dance past.

We also decided that we might as well begin our rhizomatic map, populating it to start with the names mentioned by Rob and then radiating things out from there with each subsequent interview. This immediately led to some grand ideas about what the final installation version of this project element might look like, with it potentially spanning the entire stairwell of The Dance Centre, and with viewers, like Theseus chasing after Ariadne's dropped thread, literally traipsing from floor to floor to follow different connections.

Except in this case the whole point would be to get lost in rather than make one's way out of the labyrinth.


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