Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Vancouver Dance History (2006-2016): Post 14

Justine was in the studio with Jenn Goodwin and we had no interview scheduled, so Alexa and I took the opportunity to work on some of our scores.

Specifically, we paired some of the transition words from an earlier score I had created out of past reviews from this blog with some of the physical gestures Alexa has begun compiling from our video footage.

This is as far as we got:

Actually: Knuckles to lips; inhale; wipe hands across cheeks;

Still: Holding cup in left hand; look right; raise eyebrows; slight smile;

However: Leaning back in chair; twisting a pretend napkin; inhale;

But: Cross left leg over right; place palms on thighs; right hand to hairline; drawing fingers across forehead.

Not sure what, if anything, we'll do with this material, but it's sure fun to create. I don't think I'll look at adverbs in quite the same way ever again.


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Unknown said...

Makes me think of watching Slavoj Zizeck speak. I've tried to learn his gestures... Disembodying!