Monday, May 9, 2016

PACE + Kaleido at Studio 1398

A brief shout-out to the OURO Collective, who this past weekend premiered two new works at Studio 1398. OURO's members (Christina Bucci, Maiko Miyauchi, Rina Pellerin, Dean Placzek, Mark Siller, and Antonio Somera, Jr.) all bring different street dance styles (from hip hop to waacking) to the creation of truly unique ensemble work for the concert stage--a fusion of intricate unison patterns and bodily tableaux with high energy breakout moments of individual freestylin'.

This was especially on display in the second piece on the program, the collectively choreographed PACE, where I was most taken with the multi-levelled and dextrously coordinated arm and head chains created by the dancers. My only complaint was that the venue sometimes made it hard to see the group's floorwork--a shame given that breaking is clearly a signature.

These guys need a much bigger stage.


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