Thursday, August 20, 2009

More on Little Mountain

Re my post from last Saturday about the Little Mountain redevelopment, there was an interesting article in the Globe yesterday by Wendy Stueck stating that, despite the perimeter fencing, etc., plans are still very much in limbo about the projected tear-down date, and whether or not the whole project will even proceed for many years to come. This apparently puts all sorts of other social housing projects in jeopardy, as the Little Mountain project is BC Housing's main lynchpin. And City Manager Penny Ballem says Vancouver is pretty much out of the loop on all of this, that City Hall hasn't even seen a copy of the agreement between Holborn and the province.

Meanwhile, there are still apparently some hold-out residents living in the boarded up units. And I have it on good authority that there are several site-specific artistic interventions that are ongoing. Stay tuned for more news on that front.

Check out, as well, one of the readers' comments on the Globe link, which makes a very convincing argument for the province having no real plans to redevelop the site whatsoever, instead wanting residents cleared out so they can bulldoze the building and use the space for extra temporary parking during the Olympics--the site being immediately adjacent the curling venues.



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