Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Fate of InSite...

... is in sight.

The decision about whether or not to keep Canada's only supervised safe injection site open and operating in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside is now in the hands of the Supreme Court of Canada.

The feds, under Herr Harper, had appealed a BC Court of Appeal that upheld a lower court decision ruling that the services provided at InSite are a provincial responsibility and not a federal one, and that the facility can therefore remain in operation despite the Conservative government's refusal to grant further criminal exemptions to the facility under Canada's drug trafficking and possession laws.

As usual, the Supreme Court has refused to give reasons for its decision. But here's hoping that Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin (who's from BC) and her colleagues do the right thing and uphold the BC Court of Appeal decision when they eventual hand down their ruling.


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