Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ambassadors for the Arts?!

Just back in town after our extended sojourn in glorious España. Still adjusting to the shift in time zones and the chill, rainy weather. Not to mention the latest chill our benighted provincial government has sent through the arts community. I can't believe the fuckers have now cut off all festivals from gaming grants! Read all the sorry details, including Rich Coleman's bafflegab about "commercial viability," here.

Meanwhile, a 15-day BC Human Rights Tribunal hearing opened this past Monday investigating a complaint against the Downtown Ambassadors by Pivot Legal Society, VANDU, and United Native Nations for unfairly targeting the drug addicted, street homeless, and Aboriginal populations of the Downtown East Side. My friend, Jamie Hilder, who went "undercover" to train with the Ambassadors in 2008 as part of an online art project he created for the Audain Gallery at SFU Woodward's, was the first witness. Read what Jamie had to say here.

And check out the amazing project Jamie created as a result of his experience here.

My kind of ambassador; my kind of art.


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