Tuesday, May 14, 2013

What the #!&?

Writing from the Levant (in Istanbul en route to Tel Aviv), trying to understand what happened in the BC provincial election.

Did the pollsters just get the numbers terribly wrong, or did Christy Clark's relentlessly negative campaign work on a gullible electorate?

Four more years of that woman and her Cheshire grin: it makes one despair for the arts, for education, for the environment, for everything I thought I was supporting in casting my ballot early.



Unknown said...

Hi, Peter,

It's the latter -- negative campaigning, use of fear...and convincing folks that more or less unbridled development will serve their basic interests, i.e., protect their pocketbooks. All that stuff.... Very sad...and worrisome. I predict civil strife relating to the environment.

Hope your time in Turkey is great!


Unknown said...


I see, on more careful reading, that you're on your way to Israel.

I'm curious about your time there -- would love to know your experience.

I enjoy your blog and its very thoughtful commentary....

With good wishes,

Rick Marcuse

Peter Dickinson said...

Thanks for your comments, Rick. On the election front, I guess one can take solace in the fact that the candidate in my riding of Vancouver-Fairview, Goerge Heyman, defeated incumbent Health Minister Margaret MacDiarmid. And, of course, David Eby unseated Premier Christy herself. Not that that will stop her from asking one of her duly elected MLAs from stepping aside.

As for Isarel, expect at least one post about the Batsheva Dance Company, whom we're seeing in performance this Saturday.