Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Le Grand Continental: Rehearsal 10

Last night I was late to rehearsal, as there was an important Senate meeting at SFU that I needed to attend. I arrived to find everyone sprawled on the floor as Lara and Caroline and Emily were rearranging the chessboard of our positions for the piece. Mercifully, my partner in dance crime, Hilary Meredith, had protected my spot in my absence, as for a moment it apparently looked like I might be moved to an outside edge (!?!).

Emily had also sent me the video for the new section we were learning, "Cumbia," in advance. I had practiced as much as possible on my own, and was pleased to discover that where the group was upon my arrival was also more or less where I'd gotten to on the video. Except I was following Sylvain's much more slowly delivered explanations of each move; with the music, as I discovered, things moved much more quickly, which made for a bit of confusion.

I also could have sworn that the coat flip turn and move on the video was done on the diagonal--but we'll resolve that question on Wednesday.


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