Thursday, December 11, 2014

Le Grand Continental: Rehearsal 13

We continued learning the rest of the choreography attached to "Champagne" last night. After the opening bit, which has all of us fanning out from a clump in the centre (where we've arrived at the end of "Cumbia") in a loose blooming flower configuration, we find our way back to our spots in the grid and basically it's full throttle from there until the end.

The choreography in this section is faster and more hard contact--a lot of jumping up an down, which means potential joint and lower back pain if you don't land right. It also means we'll be ending each performance more or less completely spent.

Can't say this is my favourite section, but a silver lining is that a lot of the choreography draws on phrases--or variations thereof--that we've already learned. For those of us in Group A that additionally means that we don't have to relearn the arms that go with our Charleston steps!

Lara, who was working us pretty hard last night, also went back to "India" to drill the waltz steps and particularly the quick catch step that needs to lead into the second of these. I'm still having trouble with this, in part, according to Caroline, because I'm overthinking it. And, indeed, when, just as we were beginning a run-through of "Cumbia," I did it on my own quickly, without the music, it was there in my body all along.


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