Thursday, July 2, 2015

Wreck Beach Butoh Boot Camp: Day 8

No day off because of the holiday yesterday. Instead, we ran through the piece twice in its entirety, once with Jay watching and taking notes and once with Barbara doing the same. Apparently we were a few minutes longer the second time around, maybe because it was the end of the day and we were tired, but more likely because we didn't have Barbara inside the piece as our timekeeper.

Now that we have the structure of the piece locked down, it's a matter of refining the quality of movement in individual sections. For Jay, that starts with our walking, which still feels pedestrian to him, and which requires more resistance and energy in our bodies--especially as it leads into the ecstasy jumps at the end. Barbara's notes were many and incredibly detailed, but I liked the fact that she didn't just give us physical tasks to accomplish more precision, but also what we should be thinking to enable us to inhabit the movement with greater presence and dynamism.

Unfortunately, we learned that we've lost one ensemble member. Patricia Morris, who danced with me in Le Grand Continental and the Mountain View Solstice piece, has had to withdraw due to injury. This is disappointing, but Barbara didn't let us get sentimental and among other things very quickly re-choreographed the final duet sequence so that one group is now a trio.

One more day in the studio and then it's onto the beach on Friday for a test drive of the piece.


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