Friday, July 3, 2015

Wreck Beach Butoh Boot Camp: Day 9

Barbara worked us pretty hard during our last morning class: lots of running and hopping and shimmying and jumping across the studio; and a plank I swear she made us hold for a full two minutes. Then we practised various transitions between sections, including multiple iterations of my least favourite: the squat walk from the beasts section to our second entrance into the water before seagulls.

After lunch break it was one final run-through of the piece in the studio, this time without music. Apparently we remained pretty close to our normal time. Not that that meant that Barbara was pleased. The opening canon was a bit off, we needed to be drilled on our trajectory during the birds section at the end of "Crumbling," and she couldn't feel our ecstasy during the ecstasy jumps.

So, there's still work to do--which we have today at the beach to get through. I'm counting on actually seeing the sky when I reach up to embrace it during those final jumps being the added element I need to channel my inner butoh bliss.


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